Texen Group pays tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s new codes for All Hours

With a new décor come new challenges, as All Hours foundation foundation adopts the brand’s 2023 design codes. The Yves Saint Laurent logo enlaces the cap like a vine. This decorative subtlety, added to the technical challenge of a manufacturing a lid made with recycled content, demanded both audacity on the technical front and industrial maturity on the part of Texen Group’s teams, who needless to say thrived on the challenge.

The new All Hours foundation promises full coverage and staying power with a luminous matt finish without caking. Mirroring that of the Libre fragrance, its packaging sports a new design with the YSL logo as its standout feature.

Luxury and eco-design

In line with the brand’s expectations and its environmental commitments, which Texen Group shares, the project involved adopting new-generation materials. Texen Group pushed the boundaries of its industrial capabilities with a dual challenge: esthetic imperatives and the use of RPET. The cap is a single part thanks to in-mold engraving of the logo, for which the thickness of the relief added complexity.
In order to optimize the conception of industrial tooling, Texen Group’s teams relied on rheological research. As such, the experts perfected the various injection parameters, anticipating the performance of the material to avoid gluing lines so the molded part would be completely uniform.
This expertise perfected over time offers a major advantage when product specifications are both technical and esthetic. The second complex operation was the decoration of the cap and the hot-stamping of the décor in a single pass.

This technically complex product and the use of recycled material required close collaboration between Texen Group’s technical and development teams at the service of the brand. Eco-design considerations were at the heart of this collaboration, testament to how Texen Group is working more than ever as a partner for brands on projects with strong environmental credentials.
Texen’s 2025 roadmap specifies that 100% of its offer will include an alternative eco-designed solution.