Bringing out Excellence

Texen is recognized for its multi-process engineering and innovative clout when it comes to materials and processes, making its know-how a catalyst for ecological transition.


Thanks to the automation of its machines, Texen is able to set itself apart through creating highly technical complex parts and high environmental added value. Texen’s agility and competitiveness make it a key player in producing ever more responsible packaging. Its 8 industrial sites, mainly located in France, pool their talents and resources in the form of skills clusters. This strategic mesh drives experience sharing, creative synergies, and the exchange of good practices. It ensures the best fit between industrial site potential and market needs.


Texen’s automation draws upon competitive processes and know-how, which permeates the entire value chain:

– Expert injection (mono/bi-injection, blow injection, blow extrusion, surlyn moulding)

– Specific injection of PCRs and new eco-designed resins

– Complex assembly and decoration operations: clipping, welding, US, friction-rotation

– Decoration: hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, film transfer, digital printing

– Finishes: lacquering, in-line varnishing (Picoligne®), vacuum metallizing.

Texen is reinventing its industry, challenging established know-how

Texen is driven by changing markets moving towards conscious and sensible consumption, pushing its industrial tools and innovation towards agile, competitive, and eco-responsible models.


The group’s deep-seated culture and industrial values commit Texen to meeting these challenges through high value-added structuring projects:

– Specific expertise on eco-materials (materials library) and strong positioning on eco-design techniques and know-how (link to eco-design page).éco-conception.

– Optimized transformation of eco-materials through next-generation, eco-responsible, agile, and cost-effective industrial engineering: BESST (Beauty Experience Sensation Surface by Texen).

– Agile, modular industrial platform: SMART® (Speed, Modularity, Agility, Reliability, Texen) and 4.0. (100% connected industry that can be controlled remotely and in real-time).

– Implementation of LCA(life-cycle analysis) software to qualify a product’s environmental performance, from the materials chosen to the manufacturing method.