Who are we?

Texen: PSB Industries’ Luxury and Beauty arm

As a responsible player in the packaging industry, Texen develops innovative multi-material solutions for the beauty and spirits markets.

Our planet is not ours for the taking; we have a duty to preserve it for future generations. Guided by this conviction, Texen’s mission is “to virtuously transform materials into experiences”. To this end, Texen is embracing ecological transition as an intentional facet of responsible innovation.

Solutions for People and the Environment

Texen was founded in France’s Plastic Vallée in 1984, in close proximity to some of the world’s largest manufacturers. It built upon its original competence in plastic injection through an external and organic growth strategy focused on acquiring state-of-the-art know-how to serve its market.


Texen is defined by proven industrial expertise, a comprehensive offering of reliable and committed solutions, and demanding aesthetic and qualitative requirements, taking real responsibility for people and the environment. Its historical DNA focuses on all the stages involved in transforming materials, focused on efficiency, process safety, and the aesthetic and technical quality of its products. Texen is now deployed internationally (France, Poland, Mexico, the United States, and China) and strongly anchored within each territory. It also draws upon an ecosystem of partners offering complementary packaging solutions on all continents. The group model is based on 3 principles, in line with market reality: eco-design, agility, and competitiveness.

Eco-consciousness, a collaborative mission

Opening a bottle with finger and thumb, feeling its velvety touch, hearing the gentle click of a lipstick… Sensations go hand in hand with beauty rituals, and are an integral packaging function. These luxury codes fuel the consumer experience and represent core values for brands.


Texen is convinced by this emotional function of packaging, combined with a key environmental dimension to which brands and consumers aspire. The relevance of its solutions thus takes on a technical, economic, experiential, and responsible dimension. Eco-design conditions the entire value chain, from initial inspiration to final packaging solution, inspiring the choice of materials and processing technologies. A life-cycle analysis tool is used to audit, quantify, and share the environmental performance of the proposal as a whole.


Texen’s overall expertise and industrial imagination is supported by 2 complementary “make” or “buy” offerings for its customers, whether emerging brands or major buyers:

  1. A committed, expert industrial base

Texen draws upon a global industrial footprint and in-depth knowledge of materials to offer specific, semi-specific, and standard packaging solutions with high added value. Its 8 sites, including 5 in France, are organized into cross-functional clusters to serve its customers.

Agility and competitiveness drive these industrial facilities focused on versatility and automation. The group has a continuously innovative approach, spending more than 5% of its annual turnover on acquiring new technologies and seeking innovative solutions. The group’s policy is to file and protect its innovative industrial processes. Texen partners with young companies, experimenting with new technologies and processes for their customers. It’s forever pushing its boundaries to explore further possibilities to enrich the consumer experience.


2. A complementary and targeted overall sourcing/trading offer



Through Texen Beauty Partners, Texen is able to provide its markets with comprehensive, adjusted solutions, offering overall project management through a global network of partners. Texen Beauty Partners draws upon this strong historical network to support its customers from writing briefs right through to finalizing their projects.

Its proposal is based on agile sourcing for shorter launch times, optimizing the resources required for tooling. This offer is thus a response to differentiating development requirements, and for products that embrace new trends.


Texen meets all market needs through 5 types of packaging solutions: