The Be Green Collection

The Be Green Collection by Texen follows the principle of the three “Rs”: Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle, presenting innovative products made up of new materials. Aiming to reduce the use of materials and simplify our processes, the products include all-plastic cases made as a single piece, tubes injected with the same logic, a lipstick without collars or lubricant, and a micro-injected applicator as an alternative to flocking. In terms of “re-use”, the brushes, lipsticks and perfume pens and tubes are all interchangeable and refillable, and the jars have removable cups. Texen also offers a complete collection of recycled and recyclable applicators and accessories for skincare and make-up products.

Refillable jar
One-piece compact
Standard Refillable Perfume Pen
This refillable brush from the BE GREEN range brings innovation and glamour to fragrance application. It is 100% customizable so can be used with skin care or makeup formulas as well as for perfume. This green product par excellence is equipped with a refill that can be easily changed by consumers. Available in plastic or aluminum versions. The applicator is available as preferred: synthetic bristles, velvet flocking, silicone.
Tottle rPET
One-piece tube
PCR spatula
Eco-recycled brushes
Adjustable brush

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