Materials Library of Texen Group

The Materials Library of the Texen Group, the future of material innovation

In an ambitious approach to sustainable development and innovation, the database of the Materials Library is undergoing significant evolution, marked by the enrichment of its resources, the diversification of its objectives, and thanks to involved teams. Committed to recognizing and assessing the materials available on the market, the Materials Library positions itself as indispensable for development teams eager to count on reliable and precise data.

Clear objective for responsible innovation

The Materials Library revolves around the exhaustive inventory of materials (recycled, bio-based, etc.) This is carried out with a thorough evaluation of their potential through the analysis of various criteria such as food-grade certifications, composition, and the origin of the materials while considering constantly evolving and increasingly precise regulations. This approach also aims to provide development teams with a reliable list of materials, meticulously tested and compared to ensure their effectiveness and compatibility with the specific needs of projects.

A rigorous process for flawless qualification

Relying on a strict prequalification process led by the Texen Lab, followed by qualification ensured by operations through full-pace days and adapted tests, the Materials Library is currently focusing on families of polyolefins and polyesters. This methodical approach aims to achieve the ambitious goal of 25% recycled materials by 2025, a challenge made possible by a year 2023 rich in trials and discoveries, notably with the emergence of two promising materials: a mechanically recycled PP and an innovative biopolymer.

A vision oriented towards the future

Beyond these advances, the vision for 2024 extends to the creation of a “Deco Library,” aiming to replicate the success of the Materials Library for the decoration part of the Group. This ambition reflects the desire to continue to anticipate changes in the use of materials and to support clients in these evolutions, while maintaining a detailed historical record that allows for effective argumentation and guidance in material choices.

Commitment and innovation: the watchwords of the Materials Library

The Materials Library proves to be more than just a database; it is an approach committed to responsible innovation and sustainable development. By offering reliable, cutting-edge, and decorable material solutions, it positions itself ahead of the necessary changes for a more sustainable and eco-responsible future.