Health and Safety Week at Texen Group

Health and Safety Week, a major event for the Texen Group

On the occasion of World Health and Safety Day held annually on April 28, the Texen Group organized a “Health and Safety Week” from April 22 to April 26 across all its sites, both in France and abroad. All employees, both permanent and temporary, rallied around a major cause and a key goal of Texen Group’s CSR strategy: to ensure the health and safety of all participants and thus protect the company’s most valuable resources — its people. This annual initiative aims to raise awareness among the company’s employees and promote a culture of safety at work.

This year, the Health and Safety Week highlighted essential topics such as the prevention of occupational risks, shared vigilance, and physical and mental well being. Workshops, conferences, and interactive and fun activities were organized throughout the week, including sessions on physical and mental preparation, reminders of first aid gestures, a treasure hunt, and a “mystery party” to reconstruct the circumstances of a workplace accident. A specific day dedicated to road risk was organized at the Group’s headquarters with the intervention of the firefighters from Ain for a road rescue maneuver, the presence of a rollover vehicle, and an indoor game themed around the road safety rules.

“The safety and health of our employees are our absolute priority. This special week is an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to this principle and reaffirm our determination to maintain a work environment where everyone feels protected and valued” declared Raphaël Rueff, HSE Manager at the Texen Group. “Since 2020, we have been placing health and safety at work as a key point in our industrial development through preventive and corrective cross-cutting actions, the deployment of our golden rules, and our health-safety roadmap, which forms the foundation of our approach with its 27 items through a 6-year plan.”