Multi-Intensity Brush eyes by Texen Beauty Partners

Barely a year after its successful launch, Texen Beauty Partners is applying the modular concept of its Multi-Intensity Brush to the eye makeup segment.
Multi-Intensity Brush Eyes is based on an identical rotary mechanism but with a narrower handle, this time equipped with two brushes. Revealed recently at Paris Packaging Week, it just received an IT Award in the accessories category at the MakeUp in Los Angeles trade show.

There’s no need to introduce Multi-Intensity Brush, the patented innovation allowing perfect results for complete face makeup thanks to a single brush. Its secret? The density and length of its bristles can be altered thanks to a rotary system in the ferrule. Bouyed by the approval of brands that tested the concept, Texen Beauty Partners is expanding it to eye makeup.

A dual-ended applicator for five distinct uses

Acting as an observer of makeup application techniques and consumer expectations, Texen Beauty Partners has perfected this dual-ended applicator combining a modular brush at one end with a tapered, fixed brush designed for applying dense, ultra-defined eyeliner at the other. The ferrule in the oval section can be adapted to a range of angles and positions. Applications include adding a neutral base on the eyelid, shading, opening up the eye area, darkening the crease of the eyelid, fading, blurring…all the potential gestures for eye makeup application have been taken into account, for all eye shapes and skin textures.
This unique brush guarantees a makeup result that would normally require five different brushes of varying shapes and densities” explains Nathasha Marquez, Trading Marketing Manager at Texen Beauty Partners. “This space-saving brush covers the key steps in a routine for which people are not willing to compromise. It was therefore up to us to bring together innovation and usage.

As to its development, Multi Intensity Brush Eyes is offered entirely in PBT (handle and bristles) as standard, with the possibility of alternative materials, custom decoration, and why not a made-to-measure pouch?