The Aura Collection by Texen Beauty Partners

The upcoming MakeUp in Los Angeles show will be the stage for a new launch from Texen Beauty Partners. The Aura collection is comprised of eight flexible tubes proposed with applicators and a range of dispensing systems, an à-la-carte offer for flexible, 100% personalized developments.

Each year, Texen Beauty Partners designs makeup and skincare collections in line with consumer expectations and trends. These are the fruit of marketing insight and innovative sourcing. They serve as inspiration for brands that Texen Beauty Partners then accompanies in the creation of a beauty routine with a strong identity.

Eight tubes, one routine

This year’s collection is named Aura. It is made up of 8 flexible tubes with different application systems. Aura represents a holistic approach to makeup and skincare. It expresses a notion of wellbeing to the consumer (thanks to color and chakra combinations and soft-touch packaging), practicality of usage and the promise of results. The products in the Aura collection target specific zones of the face (lips, eyes, complexion, fragile areas…) as well as the scalp, which is a growing area of focus for brands and consumers. Applicators have either dip formats or are fixed to the tube for a dual role of applicator and dispensing system. Formats vary from 8 to 15ml and tips are adapted to the formula, with sponge or silicone applicators or injected and synthetic-bristle brushes…

Why tubes?

Consumers have adopted tubes for their practical nature and their flexibility. They avoid formula wastage and offered in mini-formats, are suitable for on-the-go use. When used for a mascara or eyebrow makeup for example, the flexibility of the tube allows the formula to be softened before use just by pressing on it.

For this collection, Texen Beauty Partners selected materials that are compatible with regulations and environmentally sound (free from ABS, styrenes, POM or POK).