Caps & jars

This collection is 100% made in France and enables cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic brands to achieve quick, economical and qualitative product development projects.

It includes comprehensive lines of caps, covers and standard jars (ranging from 7 to 200 ml), including a line of eco-designed capsules made of all recycled PPs. Texen’s life-cycle analysis software uses 6 targeted environmental criteria to demonstrate how its environmental impact has been optimized, in particular a 32% reduction in consumption of non-renewable resources. To guarantee safe contact with food, these capsules feature our “food contact” seal.

Texen carries out injection, assembly and decoration for these standard products.

rePOP, the refillable jar 50 ml: a semi-thin wall jar with an intuitive refill system, made in France! Also available in recycled material.
Range of caps and jars of Rose’s Standards
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